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We believe that a strong brand should offer its consumer a memorable portfolio of goodwill





Brand Management and Strategy:

Our core business offering at OneStop MediaWorks is Brand Building and Brand Strategy Development. Our number 1 brand management rule is that it takes more than branding to build a strong brand. While communications is essential in brand building it is not by any means the only aspect.

At OneStop MediaWorks we believe that a strong brand should offer its consumer a memorable portfolio of goodwill as (s)he the consumer explores the product, the company, its stores and channels, its communications and events, the company staff, and even the company's attitude to CSI. All these Touchpoints are critical to the reputation of the brand.
More, at OneStop MediaWorks we believe also that strong brands have two very fundamental elements i.e. a Consumer equation and a Business equation.
The Consumer equation deals with such variables as Identity/Awareness, Perceived Quality, Loyalty, and Advocacy while the Business equation deals with such variables as Profit, ROI, Shareholder value, and Business continuity. These two equations form the nucleus of our Brand Strategy framework for the brands we manage.
The OneStop Brand management proprietary tool - dubbed the BrandFix - skillfully and creatively manages those Touchpoints earlier mentioned, and links them back to both the Consumer and Business Equations to create sustainable, long-term Brand Equity.
The BrandFix comprises Leveraging Dashboards which allow us take advantage of certain marketing tools and provide Services / Consultancy in the following areas: Advertising, Pr, Events Management.

Creative Dashboard

Analytical Dashboard


Research (Consumer and Trade / Market)

Media Planning & Buying

Segmentation & Channels Development

Direct Marketing

Demand Analysis (Sales and Shipments)

Product & Packaging Design

Budgetary Applications

Merchandising / POS


Sales Promotions Design


Pr & Publicity













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