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Our Corporate Strategy is to be at the cutting edge of technology





Our Mission & Vision

Before we give you our Vision and Mission statements we believe it is important to first share with you the philosophy or thinking behind them.
50 or so years ago a device was invented that was to have a huge impact on Humanity. That device was the Television. Its arrival changed for a long time the way information, entertainment, brand messages etc were delivered and consumed. Its effect on how mankind acts and reacts has been phenomenal. It has since its arrival played a pivotal role in shaping the global society as we know it today.

In the future – and this future has already crept upon us – the Television will be forced into playing second fiddle. The new platform will most likely be a mobile device. It might be your mobile Smartphone or PDA. More, it will deliver not just voice but all of Voice, Video and Data, seamlessly. This is generally referred to as Triple Play or Digital Convergence.

It is in this digital convergence space that OneStop MediaWorks ultimately seeks to play. Our Corporate Strategy is to be at the cutting edge of technology to consistently deliver real value over time to our esteemed, exclusive Clientele. Sure we will continue to offer and deliver business building value propositions through our rich portfolio of traditional services. But our long-term endeavor is to be counted amongst the very best services and solutions providers in the emerging new order of technological innovation in the delivery of top notch brands stewardship, media, and entertainment.

Having set this perspective we can then state our Vision and Mission as follows:

Our Vision:
Our Vision is to be the Leader in the use of Convergent Technologies Solutions in Enriching the Brands and Peoples of Sub Sahara Africa.

Our Mission:
Our Mission is to be No. 1 Advisors and Vendors of world-class Brand Management, Communications and Entertainment Solutions. Using Innovation, Technology, and International Best Practices, we shall continuously seek to create and grow Value for the Brands and Peoples we serve, and the Communities we operate in.

Our Values:
Our value system is anchored on what we internally describe as the OneStop Value Matrix and has the following components:
1. Adventure
2. Mutual Respect
3. Integrity
4. Innovation
5. Candor











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