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We seek to create and grow Value for brands





Our Business

Our Core business is Brand Management. We seek to create and grow Value for brands around the world that are desirous of delivering not only consistent, satisfying, rewarding Consumer experience to their consumers but also a sustainable, assured ROI for the Investors. This is our primary focus, this is the marketing orbit where OneStop MediaWorks plays and seeks to dominate and lead. With a robust Skills and Competency toolkit we consistently deliver World-class 360 Brand Stewardship.

Our Ancillary business focus is Enriching the Lives of People. We do this by delivering wholesome Communications and Entertainment Solutions via select platforms we either own, manage, or have access to. Our interest in this endeavor spans across TV and Radio Broadcasting, Publishing, Mobile, Internet, eCommerce, and eMarketing.
And to create and deliver this portfolio of unending, exciting fun and value to our teeming customers we carefully select, exploit and leverage the seven strongest Passions of Man. These include Music, Sports, Cause Marketing, Charity, Tourism and Destination Marketing, the Environment etc.

OneStop MediaWorks will in addition to the above spheres of endeavor exploit other business opportunities that are synergistic to our operations, promise good ROI for our Shareholders, and engender overall Corporate Growth.

Our Affiliates:
We are currently in serious and advanced discussions with a potential International Business Affiliate. We are however not legally permitted to reveal who this affiliate is at this point until some routine contractual documentation is signed off.
When fully operational this partnership will deliver several levels of mutually beneficial value-creating synergies.











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